Tosafot Yomi

Feltöltés éve: 2016

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Masechet Daf Title Video Length
Bava Kama 42b Inheriting the damage of the convert (watch) 35:27
Bava Kama 40b No testimony about emotions (watch) 27:34
Bava Kama 36b The court in place of the poor (watch) 19:40
Bava Kama 35b Certain claims without experience (watch) 30:24
Bava Kama 35a Oxen don't shame people (watch) 50:52
Bava Kama 30a You have the right, but you have to pay (watch) 30:04
Bava Kama 30b Punishment for charging interest (watch) 35:33
Bava Kama 27a Waiting and letting the other one to damage (watch) 34:40
Bava Kama 26b Human unintentional responsibility (watch) 23:11
Bava Kama 23a Unexpected digging (watch) 34:52
Bava Kama 23a Don't worry that much about yourself (watch) 38:04
Bava Kama 21b Jumping upward is totally unexpected (watch) 33:17
Bava Kama 20a The animal is saving the fruit (watch) 44:54
Bava Kama 17a Importance of learning and practice (watch) 42:09
Bava Kama 16a Fields for animals and fruits (watch) 23:05
Bava Kama 15a Money issues for women (watch) 15:22
Bava Kama 11b Inside and outside the womb (watch) 42:29
Bava Kama 13b Split responsibilities of guards (watch) 34:49
Bava Kama 9b Fatality of pit and fire (watch) 34:51
Bava Kama 9b Guarding the fire (watch) 44:09
Bava Kama 8a You can keep the best fields in the world (watch) 33:40
Bava Kama 7a Damaging consecrated items (watch) 34:46
Bava Kama 6b Rich damaging poor (watch) 44:26
Bava Kama 4a Animosity between slave and master (watch) 41:04
Bava Kama 2a More and more damages (watch) 26:35
Kidushin 82a The best job is to learn Torah (watch) 30:32
Kidushin 81a Consequences of seclusion (watch) 23:38
Kidushin 80b A spouse is a guard against seclusion (watch) 34:58
Kidushin 77b Several sins, less punishments (watch) 41:38
Kidushin 76a Four mothers that are eight (watch) 26:37
Kidushin 75b Stringency inside the tribe (watch) 1:07:33
Kidushin 74a Which one was the real buyer? (watch) 30:02
Kidushin 73a Even when she's suspicious (watch) 33:05
Kidushin 70b Don't mess with the rabbis (watch) 37:42
Kidushin 69a They won't turn your heart away (watch) 50:33
Kidushin 68b Kidushin with a non-Jew (watch) 31:30
Kidushin 67a Cleansing the chalalim (watch) 35:20
Kidushin 64b Chazakah about falling to yibum (watch) 1:09:20
Kidushin 63b Only with my father's consent (watch) 41:24
Kidushin 62b The beis din of a conversion (watch) 34:59
Kidushin 61a Avoiding jealousy of the tribes (watch) 32:37
Kidushin 60b Delayed payments, preserved documents (watch) 23:47
Kidushin 59b Thoughts counting as actions (watch) 35:36
Kidushin 56b It isn't worth the effort (watch) 35:09
Kidushin 54a Brand new clothes for kohanim (watch) 28:12
Kidushin 53b The whole world is Hashem's property (watch) 36:02
Kidushin 53a Fight for food (watch) 25:17
Kidushin 52b No women allowed (watch) 36:10
Kidushin 49b I want my property back (watch) 39:01
Kidushin 48b The cup and its contents (watch) 28:22
Kidushin 46a The ring is eaten before marriage (watch) 23:35
Kidushin 43b The one you sent away never comes back again (watch) 44:58
Kidushin 42a Three ways to divide the heritage (watch) 45:32

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